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Colour Points is only playable in the South East of England.
Each game will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete.
Please be thoughtful of your surroundings when playing Colour Points.

Colour Points is a free treasure-hunting game in which players of all ages use their smartphones to search for hidden locations throughout the South East of England.

Visit on your smartphone and follow the instructions below to play for free.


Tap a village, town or city








Visit on your smartphone and select a nearby village, town or city in the menu. Select from over 40 playable villages, towns or cities in the South East of England.


A photo of a location will appear of a building or point of interest in the selected village, town or city.

Walk to the location in the photo on your smartphone screen.

When you are close to the location, tap the photo on your smartphone screen to reveal the next location. Find all three locations to complete the game.


You have earnt a badge.


Complete Colour Points in different villages, towns or cities to collect exciting in-game rewards. These include custom T-shirts from the online shop, and in-game badges, which will be unlocked in the menu.

Play and compete with family and friends to collect the most rewards throughout South East England.

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"Thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me and helped make this game possible."

Colour Points is developed by Timothy Holt, a Surrey resident and former student at the University for the Creative Arts in Surrey. The game was developed in 2020 and has been ever-expanding. The free smartphone game is designed to keep players both mentally and physically active.

Please read the Timothy Holtís development notes in the  Twitter account above, follow Colour Points on  Facebook and  Instagram or subscribe below to learn more about the gameís development and news.

Visit Timothy Holtís website to learn more about his other projects.

Rotate your smartphone to play

Developed by Timothy Holt. Colour Points and Timothy Holt. All rights reserved.


Tap a village, town or city to play

Nearest areas are shown. If no villages, towns or cities are shown, allow GPS Location in your smartphone settings or change your internet browser and try again.

Refresh for updated villages, towns or cities if you have move to a new location.

Contact to request a village, town or city in your area.