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Please note, Colour Points is a free-to-play website game, suitable for all ages and only playable in South East England.
About Colour Points
Colour Points is an interactive smartphone game, inviting you to go outside and to find hidden locations in villages, towns and cities across South East England.

Search and find 3 hidden locations, known as Colour Points, these Colour Points can be buildings, parks, churches, sculptures or even signs.

Once a village, town or city is selected in your game's menu, a photo of a location will be shown on your smartphone. The photo will be a location situated in your selected village, town or city. Work out and walk to the location shown in the photo. When you are close to the hidden location, tap the round Colour Point on your smartphone to reveal the next Colour Point.

Find all 3 Colour Points to complete the game and to unlock special bonuses. Each game will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete.
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Please be thoughtful of your surroundings and follow the UK government guidelines when playing Colour Points.

Children supervision is recommended.

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